New post on UoN’s Careers Blog!

New post on UoN’s Careers Blog!

So, now that I have finished recruiting for my most recent interview study (thanks to all who participated!), I can finally displace my Call for Participants post with a brand new, shiny link to the rather wonderful University of Nottingham Careers Blog!

Why? Well ok, because I have a post on there referring one of my PhD research studies, but it’s not all about me, me, me you know! Even if, admittedly, it is a little bit. Anyway, the blog has some really good advice for students nearing the end of their studies and is definitely worth keeping an eye on for careers and employability tips. 



What does (non-digital) professionalism look like?

What does (non-digital) professionalism look like?

Very interesting blog on the Harvard Business Review site. Worth checking out if you’re at all interested in the concept of ‘professionalism’.


Short piece in The Conversation today

It’s always nice to start a Monday morning off with a bit of good news!

The link below is to a short piece that I was asked to put together for Digital Economy section of The Conversation. I really enjoyed the experience – hopefully there’ll be some more opportunities to contribute again in the future!

Your future boss knows what you did this summer: it’s online