During 2002 – 2005, Chris James Carter attended the University of York to study for a BPS-accredited BSc in Psychology. In 2006, he went on to study for an Occupational Psychology MSc at the Institute of Work, Health and Organisations (I-WHO) based at the University of Nottingham.

Following completion of his Masters degree, Chris went on to the role of Human Resources Development (HRD) Project Officer at The Open University, Milton Keynes; a position that was affiliated with the Fit Project – a research program led by Professor Jon Billsberry. In this role, Chris was tasked with designing and implementing internal consultancy projects investigating various aspects of HRD practice across the organisation. He was also a member of research communities exploring the concept of person-organisational fit and the application of virtual worlds in professional development.

In September 2010, Chris began his PhD candidacy at the Horizon Doctoral Training Centre for Digital Economy Research; a four year position jointly funded by the University of Nottingham and the Research Council UK. Drawing upon his academic background in Occupational Psychology, Chris is interested in digital reputation management upon social media and how understanding of this process can be translated into HCI design to assist users with promoting and protecting their digital personhood.

Entering the final year of his PhD candidacy, Chris is conducting research with users of social media to explore the various psychological and social factors that influence how they perceive and manage their professional reputation. It is the aim of Chris’ research to educate and inform system design that will assist users in managing professional reputation management online.

Specialties: Social Media Research, Digital Identity, Social Identity, Digital Reputation Management, Human-Computer Interaction.


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